I’m calling human resources!


LOL I work my fingers to the bone and my brains to a frazzle between the art and the website these days and does my mascot cheer me on? Does she bark her approval and urge me forth? No. Gawd no. She uses me for a pillow as I sit with my laptop in the wee hours of the night.

That’s alright. She has no idea I take pictures of her in embarrassing positions to post online and laugh like hell. Payback for forcing me to buy a king sized bed just so I could have somewhere to put my damn feet.

Back to work.


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About monkeyhill.biz

What interests me most, and has become my full-time occupation, is becoming the most human being possible to the best of my ability. Creating art, enjoying the art and company of my fellow artists, good music, and fabulous food inspires and eases mind and spirit; it is both a boon and balm. Creativity itself is Optimism. "Every one of us has more abilities than disabilities." ~ Stephanie K. Hansen

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