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ever the professional beginner

After many weeks of health issues and hospital visits I’m still awaiting physical relief but figure if I stay away from my work any longer I’ll officially be virginified artistically all over again. I’ve been taking some pain medication to at least let me get started making a bunch of ugly crap that got thrown out or set aside to get painted over. My fellow artists know that’s just how it rolls after a hiatus.

A goal helps. A shout out to my colleague, illustrator Allen Swerling, who has a blog entitled Out of Allen’s Mind. He hit me up to join him in a group steampunk themed art exhibit at The Pearl Company in Hamilton, Ontario on June 16th. The Pearl’s website is Give them a look. They’re a multifunction space – art, theatre, music – that is the jewel of the city. 

The steampunk genre is more than just goggles and clock parts, though a peek through Google images would seem to have you think otherwise. Think “Mad Max”. Remember that movie? Leather, feathers, chains, masks, allll kinds of attitude, but sleek and sexual instead of thuggish and manly with a strong old Victorian style vamped up run through it all.

Having a show in mind definitely got me focussed in a hurry (thank you MUSES!) and I spent hours poking through the hellandish messes in my house hunting for bitty good-ses I can use to create a few pieces of artwork for the show. I prefer to work on a body of work at once instead of an individual piece. Working on just one thing at a time is too difficult for my mind; I get stuck on the too-too many choices thing. 

Now…if I get around to putting some batteries in my camera I can post with pictures and try to be interesting or something near to it. Let me know if I come close.