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In the time monkey Hill Creative Arts has been operating at 243 James St. North, Hamilton we have enjoyed great success thanks to the participating artists and patrons who have embraced the intiative to enhance awareness of invisible and intellectual disabilities through the visual arts. We had a rental agreement until January 2013 only, unfortunately. Cynthia Hill, my dearest friend, the building owner, will be taking over the gallery space again as of January 1st and I wish her the best. We thank her very much for this most enjoyable time in the gallery.

December will be our last show in a brick-and-mortar gallery, though be assured the initiative will continue online at our website and we sincerely hope we have your continued and growing interest and support. The December Show will be our most spectacular to date! CALLIE ARCHER, DEB DICKER, L’ARCHE HAMILTON, KEITH GREEN, STEPHANIE KIRSTEN HANSEN (HILL) (myself), will offer a colourful, thought-provoking exhibit absolutely filling the gallery to capacity.

The show will run from December 1st to December 30th to cover the entire Holiday Season. Opening hours will be from NOON FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS, and SUNDAYS until 6pm. We will be open FRIDAY EVEININGS as well.

I will not be leaving James North! In January I will take over Directorship of The Tiger Group’s 2nd Gallery just a few doors down from Monkey Hill @ 275 James St. North. I was invited into The Tiger Group and am now an Associate member of The Tiger Group. I am looking forward to exploring working with a group, though it will be a shock to my system after running my own art business for so very many years as a ‘lone wolf’ artist and being ‘chief cook and bottle washer’ of two art galleries, first the Worth Works Studio promoting the work of artists with disabilities only, and then Monkey Hill Creative Arts, our daughter’s legacy. Already I am enjoying collaborating the collaboration and finding we have so much to share with each other. I think this is going to be a very positive, and hopefully, a long-lasting venture.

BUT FIRST! Monkey Hill has a FANTASTIC show to share with YOU! Don’t wait for The Art Crawl to come out and enjoy to the show. We will likely be changing up the art to replace what is sold in the first couple of weeks of December so DO come back for the Art Crawl. THE ART BUS is a great way to go! Check out THE PEARL COMPANY website for that delightfully inexpensive and fun tour that winds up at the end of the evening at The Tiger Group’s main gallery at 335 Barton Street with wine, treats, and of course, the stunningly talented art of my colleagues.

Stephanie Kirsten Hansen (Hill)

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November Art Crawl & Upcoming @ Monkey Hill



The song says it can be sad to see October go, but not if you’re me. Not this year. First, October laid me out flat with a terrible head and chest cold, like most of Hamilton, and then it sent me scrambling non-stop to catch-up. Yes, the cold blue skies were beautiful, but….ohhhh. November was a welcome sight!

The November Art Crawl was wonderful! I met an abundance of interesting and friendly people, as always. I’m delighted to be back in the gallery business. I’ve missed the crowds more than anything else. Besides promoting the work of my fellow artists, Monkey Hill promotes the awareness of invisible and intellectual disabilities, but there are so many gallery-goers with their own unique awareness and experiences of varied life circumstances shared openly that I’m not sure if we’re doing more giving or receiving, but whatever the case, with each week we’re open we have more and more to pass on to others through Monkey Hill. What a gift.

After being in the business of art for 20 years I have become accustomed to parting with my work with ease, but every now and again there is a piece that I give me some pang to relinquish. One of the pieces sold this crawl was one of those pieces special to me. Happily, it was purchased by a gentleman who seemed to truly appreciate all aspects of “Mixed State” beyond merely the aesthetic value.



A “mixed state”, a mental condition part of bipolar disorder, is a state wherein a person experiences mixed feelings of both mania or hypomania and deep depression. Those of us thus afflicted merely refer to it as Hell. Those living with us thus afflicted refer to it similarly. After showing this piece once before, briefly, and describing what a “mixed state” is, 99% self-identified as ‘occasionally bipolar’ and unanimously voted to rename Monday “Mixed State Day”.

Now that Monkey Hill has ‘found its feet’, I’m enjoying a more balanced schedule between my artwork and gallery management. *big exhale*  Right now I’m having a good time planning a regular weekend afternoon poetry and author/book reading series beginning in January. 

For views of some of the art currently showing at Monkey Hill check out are main website at

And don’t forget! Monkey Hill rents gallery space to artist for $100 / 6ft of space, no commission, hung salon style, so you’ll hang lots of art in that space. Contact me at or 905-929-8380 if interested. Booking now for January onward.

Kirsten Hill

Monkey Hill Creative Arts

243 James St. North