We’re Home!

Hey Friends…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’re finally HOME! Home on Monkey Hill. We made it! We have a little ways to go before the art is ready for you to see and buy but it will be done very shortly! Pinky swear.

By the way…do you know what “Home” is? Home is that place where you are welcomed and respected by all, and protected from all others. Never forget that. Welcome to Monkey Hill Creative Arts.

If you don’t mind I’m going to take a minute more to go downstairs to get a bowl of Pralines & Cream ice cream for breakfast. I earned it. I wasn’t going down til the sun came up or this website was alive and breathing. It’s still dark out, though the birds are making some noise, but I hear the sweet breath of life here at Monkey Hill Creative Arts online. I’m an artist, not a techie, so there appears to have been one hell of a struggle between the forces of good, evil, and ever’thing in between at this table. This here was my long dark night of the soul.

Why the rush? My Canadian counterparts won’t be looking this way. It’s our Thanksgiving weekend. Two reasons: I have friends and clients worldwide; and it was long past time to come Home. Being an artist can be a lonely life, and being a disabled artist supremely lonely. My greatest joy as a gallery owner was connecting personally with the patrons and the artists I represented. I miss that interaction. The virtual world is certainly not the same but Twitter has proven how much people crave interaction and that they are willing to connect in whatever ways they can.

I will be finding ways to make Monkey Hill Creative Arts as communication friendly as possible.

‘Kay…gimme a minute to get my hands sticky with some of that ice cream and I’ll think of something else to share.


About monkeyhill.biz

What interests me most, and has become my full-time occupation, is becoming the most human being possible to the best of my ability. Creating art, enjoying the art and company of my fellow artists, good music, and fabulous food inspires and eases mind and spirit; it is both a boon and balm. Creativity itself is Optimism. "Every one of us has more abilities than disabilities." ~ Stephanie K. Hansen

One response to “We’re Home!”

  1. kvwordsmith says :

    sneaky genius- love how you snuck the definition of Home into this “welcome home to your arts center” – and it really is so appropriate in this context…

    now go put down your ice cream spoon and get some rest.

    Kerry Scherer kerry.vincent@att.net

    Glass Art:  kerryellen.wordpress.com

    Creative Writing:  kvwordsmith.wordpress.com

    Make art.  Make a difference.

    Imagine a better world. Then go create it.


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